Nakheel Leverages Sprinklr to Unify its Customer Experience and Marketing Strategy Across More Than 50 Social Media Accounts

Sprinklr announced that Nakheel is leveraging Sprinklr to unify its customer experience and marketing strategy across more than 50 social media accounts. With more than 50 social media accounts tied to the company’s portfolio of properties across the residential, retail, hospitality and leisure sectors, optimizing marketing and customer support strategy is a focus for Nakheel. The company wanted to unify its customer data, understand customer sentiment across locations, gain competitive insights, and create a personalized and proactive engagement strategy.

Nakheel is leveraging multiple products across two of Sprinklr’s major customer-facing suites – Research and Social Engagement & Sales – including Social Publishing & Engagement, Location Insights, and Competitive Benchmarking to help create a program for omnichannel marketing and customer support: Sprinklr Social Publishing & Engagement- Part of the Sprinklr Social Engagement & Sales Suite, Nakheel is solving its engagement and brand objectives with AI-powered planning, publishing, reporting, and governance/compliance capabilities. Sprinklr Location Insights – Part of the Sprinklr Modern Research Suite, Nakheel can uncover location-specific customer feedback that helps it identify opportunities to increase customer happiness at each of its restaurants, shopping malls, residential locations, and more. Sprinklr Competitive Benchmarking – Also part of the Sprinklr Modern Research Suite, Nakheel can save time identifying key opportunities for differentiation by automating competitive intelligence across eight different social media channels.