CETV Now!, a Cutting-Edge Provider of Digital Out-of-Home Marketing Services, Achieves Major Milestones in Their First Year

As an innovator in strategic marketing, the brand has struck gold with its pioneering approach and dedication to measurable, meaningful results.

PHOENIX, Dec. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CETV Now! continues its rise to success, delivering over 2 million daily impressions across the Phoenix metropolitan area and surpassing expected growth rates just a few months after its official launch. The digital out-of-home, social network, marketer has established a presence in more than 200 commercial, socializing establishments, including restaurants, bars, beauty salons, and spas, within 100 days of launching.

Utilizing a strategy that is likened to real-life social media marketing in real-time, CETV Now! makes it possible for brands to target their audience with next-generation precision. Digital out-of-home, social network, marketing presents tailored video or static ads to consumers in commercial settings (such as restaurants), allowing brands to deliver messaging at the time and place their customers are most likely to be ready to buy.

CETV’s unique and cutting-edge approach incorporates unlimited customization opportunities so that brands can develop campaigns that flawlessly fit their preferred sector, budget, geographic location, audience, and other parameters. With the ability to market across multiple placement locations, businesses can scale campaigns as they see fit. The digital out-of-home, social network methodology provides exceptional value per advertising spend, promising benefits that include micro and macro targeting, detailed reporting, and verified, real-time analysis of campaign performance.

When asked about their vision for the future of CETV Now! Babak Motamedi, CETV’s President and CEO, stated:

“We couldn’t be more excited by the validation we have received from the market, both in terms of our ever-growing host partners and the value we deliver to our advertisers. We have a tremendous amount of wind in our sails from our strategic alliances and are very excited to continue to execute our roll-out and growth strategy throughout 2023 and beyond.”

For businesses, CETV Now! offers an opportunity to monetize their screens by becoming a host partner, just in time for highly-televised events like the Super Bowl, Waste Management Phoenix Open, and Spring Training sessions. Partners have complete control over the content displayed on their on-site screens to ensure that the programming being shown aligns with their brand experience.

Although CETV Now! only made its debut this year, the company has experienced rapid growth and high demand for its services. Going forward, CETV plans to continue extending its service offering to reach additional business segments and industries, and in the process, expand its footprint amongst host partners and advertisers, as well as into new markets across the United States.

More information about CETV Now! including their ad insertion network and opportunities for both advertisers and host partners, is available on their website at https://www.cetvnow.com/.

About CETV Now!: Launched in 2022, CETV Now! is an Arizona-based innovator in commercial environment TV marketing, providing clients with a highly effective strategy for reaching targeted audiences via ad insertions. Their services empower businesses and brands to leverage CETV marketing to deliver quality ads within their targeted sector, utilizing strategic parameters to align video ad content with brand experience. Ultimately, the goal of services facilitated by CETV Now! is to target consumers within the buying environment, allowing businesses to connect with prospective customers in the right place and at the right time.

For more information about CETV Now! including available services, please contact Rachel Weber at (833) 807-1500 or [email protected].